Cop28 approved the Global Stocktake.

Historic agreement reached on energy transition, for the first time fossil fuels enter the text of the cop. In fact, the document was partly rewritten to include a reference to actions to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On Dec. 13 , the 198 delegates of the United Nations Climate Change Conference approved the ‘Global Stocktake,’ the budget of commitments that includes actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Global Stock take is The Energy Transition process that envisions a shift away from fossil fuels by 2050.

We have the basis for transformation. This was said by Cop28 Chairman Sultan Al Jaber, opening the plenary session of delegates, noting that it is a goal that is the result of everyone working together and involving everyone. For the first time ever in the history of the Cops, fossil fuels have been included in the text with actions that will be put in place.

Future generations will thank us, they will not know each of us but they will be grateful for our decision. Thus the president of Cop28 in his plenary address after the approval of the Global Stocktake in which he thanked all the delegates for their work, collaboration and efforts to achieve this result.

The president, also said that the agreement is “historic” and that the UAE, is justifiably proud of its role in mediating the first climate agreement calling for a shift away from fossil fuels this decade.

The understanding reached in Dubai takes into account all the profoundly different demands of the various states, which nevertheless recognize a common ground and goal, environmental protection.

Therefore, it is to be considered this compromise reached as crucial for this historical phase, which is characterized by high international tensions weighing on the transition process.