Corporate Social Responsibility

The LEM Group is proud to support the projects of Fairy Children.

Fairy Children has active nationwide more than 60 projects implemented to support families with autism or other disabilities.

The LEM continues its social commitment through the support of two active projects throughout the country: Social Time Bank and The Book Garden. In the first project, the protagonists are the children who are supported, by peers to carry out the main activities related to the carefree nature of their younger years such as going out for pizza or spending an afternoon shopping downtown, with the aim of fostering their social inclusion and creating lasting friendship relationships that go beyond the time duration of the project itself. The activity of The Garden of Books, on the other hand, which will start precisely in 2022 will involve, thanks to the donation of a piece of land located in the municipality of Battipaglia in the province of Salerno, the construction of a space where children will be able to carry out a series of outdoor activities to stimulate their motility and teamwork. Through the efforts of all of us, we can make a difference in a society that requires us to always stay abreast of technological progress, be fast and always get there before others, forgetting about those who lag a little behind. The LEM on the contrary does not want to forget about them but rather, wants to give them the opportunity to feel exactly like others by stimulating the unique qualities and talents of each of these children.