Recovery of expired or perished food due to lack of cold weather

LEM Ecological Mangia Line

Our company is involved in the pickup and recovery of spoiled, non-compliant for sale and health-threatening foods from both manufacturing companies and businesses such as supermarkets, canteens, storage warehouses or the like. We are able to destroy expired or unsaleable brands and food products. Contact us to request a free quote. We deal with the recall of expired or expiring packaged foods, goods in non-cold status, and products withdrawn from the market for nonconformity. We operate throughout the country.

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Food may be subject to perishability from different causes when it is not in a suitable state of preservation. Food products follow the cycle described by the “cold chain,” which establishes the best ways to keep frozen or deep-frozen products at a constant temperature of no more than -18°C from production to sale to the consumer. Whenever the cold chain is interrupted (breakage of cold rooms or other alteration of food) LEM LINEA ECOLOGICA MANGIA SRL intervenes.

The cold chain

Products after collection stripped of the wrapper (which is in turn recovered) are placed within a facility directly into a loading pit.

After several handling processes, it is transferred to silos at a temperature of 70° (thanks to the presence of a generator located near the boiler that recovers the steam generated by the boiler).

At the end of all processes, the finished product is destined for biogas plants, returning to nature as a natural fuel.