LEM Ecological Eating Line

Serving the environment for 4 generations

Late 1800s

Giosuè Mangia

It begins what is now an established reality

Peter Mangia

Joshua's son continues the collection of animal fats. Everything was dissolved and sold to soap factories for making bath or laundry soap



Mangia Brothers

United by passion and will they found PETERGRASS

Salvatore Mangia

He founded PARTENOGRASS, and it was with this company that the business began to expand by obtaining additional licenses, increasing its fleet of vehicles and growing with a considerable number of customers, extending in large part of Campania;


1996 to 2017

Peter, Mario and Antonio

Brothers Pietro and Mario Mangia start LEM snc, extending throughout much of Campania and Lazio. Company engaged in the recovery and transportation of animal by-products. As Antonio Mangia joined the company, the business grew and developed, becoming LEM LINEA ECOLOGICA MANGIA SRL

Antonio Mangia

LEM acquires authorization for the collection, transportation and storage of spent edible oils and fats, thus taking its first steps in the circular economy, devoting an increasing part of its business to waste valorization and recovery



Mangia Group

The need was born to unify Lem, Ecotirrena and Logeco to offer a comprehensive service nationwide and to increase a virtuous network of contacts, able to reach every point in the territory to be always at the side of citizens

Pietro Mangia

At the headquarters of Logeco Ltd. installs a waste sorting plant with automated technology, equipped with optical readers: one of the most innovative in the country



Antonio Mangia - Transition and sustainability

Continued attention to environmental care and protection by setting new Sustainability goals to be achieved in the coming years that will lead the company to continuous improvement toward total energy transition in every area of the company.

To be continued...