Used vegetable oil recovery

LEM Ecological Eating Line

LEM recovers used edible oils in more than 2,000 municipalities and thousands of commercial establishments and eateries, nationwide.

Spent cooking oil is a waste (EWC code 200125) that if disposed of improperly can produce serious environmental damage and costs to the community. For years, the collection of used cooking oil from households, and no longer just from industrial and commercial users, has been part of the separate waste collection of many Italian municipalities.

The spread of this good practice is facilitated by the good economic value of this waste due to the possibility of reusing it as a base material for the production of various chemical products such as soaps, cosmetics, lubricants, and most importantly, green fuels.

Under Italian law, used vegetable oil is to all intents and purposes a nonhazardous waste (EWC 200125), and as such cannot be dispersed into the environment by any producer, whether industrial or domestic, but must be properly recovered.

Lem Linea Ecologica Mangia S.r.l., leader in the recovery of used vegetable oils, thanks to a dense collection network and the help of its subsidiaries, guarantees the service to thousands of businesses throughout the country. The company, always attentive to the demands of the market and the needs of its customers, has focused on increasing plant efficiency so as to ensure an ever-improving quality of service.

Condominium used frying oil collection service

Make your apartment building Green, take advantage of our free condominium waste oil collection service.

Servizio di raccolta e recupero oli vegetali esausti in ambito condominiale
Servizio di raccolta e recupero oli vegetali esausti in per la ristorazione

Free take-back of used frying oils for the catering industry

Is your business catering? Let us know by picking up your used frying oil free of charge. For you numerous benefits