LEM Ecological Mangia Line

LEM Linea Ecologica Mangia was founded in 1996 by Pietro and Mario Mangia, to extend a family business spanning four generations in Campania and Lazio

In 2005, younger brother Antonio Mangia joined the corporate structure. Our Vision is strong in the recovery industry with a long family tradition, present in the field of collection, sorting and recycling nationwide.

Passion for success, passion for giving back, passion for excellence.LEM’s values serve to direct this passion toward achieving its mission. Our Mission is to ensure the provision of an innovative integrated waste management system while fully respecting the environment, promoting sustainable programs and policies in the area.

LEM is also sensitive to the need to disseminate and consolidate the culture of transparency and integrity, as well as aware of the importance of ensuring conditions of fairness in the conduct of business and corporate activities to protect its position, its own image and the expectations of shareholders as well as the rights of its employees in the field of hygiene and safety in the workplace, by adopting the model of organization, management and control.

The company offers a full line of environmental services that can guarantee reliability and efficiency while fully complying with environmental and occupational safety regulations. LEM is headquartered in the ASI area of Caivano. Appointed C.O.N.O.E. for the collection of exhausted vegetable oils, it houses in its operational headquarters in Caivano ( Na ), which covers about 11,000 square meters, a facility for the temporary storage of exhausted vegetable oil (CER 200125) regularly authorized by the Campania Region.